woman smiles with white teeth

There are a variety of methods out there if you want to make your teeth appear whiter, but the most effective way by far is getting professional treatment.

Canadian & US dental organizations approved teeth whitening in the 1980s, and it has improved significantly over the years. Today, teeth whitening is much safer, efficient, and effective than it was back in the day.

However, teeth whitening is not a one-time job that offers instant results. It’s a gradual process that requires a few visits to the downtown Ottawa dentist office. Each treatment takes about an hour, and the results will be visible soon enough.

If you want to make those pearly whites stand out, here a few tips on how to prepare for the procedure and how to get the most out of it.

Be Realistic About Your Expectations for Teeth Whitening

woman and man with professional teeth whiteningProfessional teeth whitening is able to make your teeth whiter, but one needs to understand that it has limits.

Each treatment will give you a lighter shade, but the final results largely depend on the type of teeth stains. Deeper tooth stains are known as intrinsic stains, as teeth become grey or discoloured.

While whitening can improve their appearance over time, the process will take longer than when removing surface stains.

Furthermore, teeth whitening is available only if you have healthy teeth and gums. The whitening process could be too painful if you have decayed teeth or gums.

Moreover, the chemicals used to whiten teeth in certain applications can harm exposed roots due to gum disease. That’s why you should fix your teeth before you think about whitening them.

Get Your Teeth Cleaned First

Our downtown Ottawa dentist office will gladly clean your teeth from excess plaque and surface stains before the whitening begins, as that will give you better results.

The plaque will prevent the cleaning solution from reaching your teeth’s surface, which may not give you the expected results.

Visit Our Dentist Regularly

side by side photos teeth whiteningOnce your teeth are whitened, you should keep visiting the dentist regularly to maintain the whiteness and your overall oral health, of course.

Regular teeth cleaning and plaque removal will help your teeth stay whiter for a longer period.

You will also make sure that your teeth and gums are at optimum health, and you’ll prevent surface staining.

Floss Every Day

Flossing is an excellent method of preventing yellow crevices between teeth.

It will help you remove the plaque and prevent the small areas between teeth from becoming stained and appearing darker.

Rinse Your Mouth

man has gotten professional teeth whiteningDarkly coloured foods and drinks are the usual suspects for stained teeth. Coffee or tea? That can be problematic, unfortunately, for whiter teeth.

Even though dark fruits such as blueberries, blackberries, and so on are healthy for you, they will make your teeth look darker overtime.

That’s why you should rinse your mouth out every time you eat dark foods and drink coffee or wine.

Doing so will prevent the foods and liquids from staining your teeth. You can also brush your teeth if you have time to make sure that no surface stains appear.

Teeth Whitening in Downtown Ottawa

To find out more about services for teeth whitening in Ottawa, contact Pretoria Bridge Dental today.

We’ll be happy to shed more light on the safety and efficacy of professional teeth whitening, and we can get you booked in for an appointment at your earliest convenience.