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Professional teeth whitening is classified as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure and is known to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to brighten and get rid of unwanted yellow stains on your teeth.

At Pretoria Bridge Dental, we offer teeth whitening treatments in the downtown Ottawa area so you can be proud of your smile again. Whether you’re looking for tooth whitening for a particular section of your teeth, your entire mouth, or tooth crown whitening, we can make sure you leave our office satisfied with the results.

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Our teeth darken naturally as we age, but most of us, unfortunately, speed up the process by drinking beverages or eating foods that damage our teeth. Some food or drinks cause our teeth to yellow due to the enamel wearing out from exposure to acidity. Some of these items include lemonade, soda, coffee, red wine, tea and even blueberries! Heavily-pigmented foods and drinks can also stain our teeth, and even the most diligent brushing and flossing won’t be able to keep away that yellow tinge.

Here at Pretoria Bridge Dental, we offer safe teeth whitening as an easy way to brighten up your smile, reduce stains, improve discolouration, and leave you with a fresher-looking appearance. The dental whitening procedure is a quick, comfortable process that can have incredible results.

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The Professional Teeth
Whitening Process

You will likely have an initial consultation to go over teeth brightening expectations with your dentist and what you want out of the procedure. A digital scan is then taken of your teeth. This will be used to fabricate your custom whitening trays. You will be supplied with a take home whitening kit containing gel tubes and your custom trays. A typical course of at home whitening take approximately two weeks or until desired results are achieved.

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Teeth whitening can temporarily increase tooth sensitivity, and cause irritation to the gums. These side effects should only last a few days. If this increased sensitivity doesn’t go away after a week has passed since your whitening procedure, contact us right away for an assessment.

The chemicals used in our teeth whitening procedures are only made to work on natural teeth. They will not work on the porcelain material that dentures and veneers are made out of.

This varies from patient to patient and can depend on your current tooth colour and oral care habits. In general, you can see your teeth get anywhere from 6 to 12 shades whiter with our take-home teeth whitening treatment kits.

Teeth whitening with our take-home kits should only be done once per year. Doing it more frequently can cause tooth enamel to weaken. Rather than relying on teeth whitening for a brighter smile, focus on proper oral care and regular dental cleanings to maintain white teeth.

Immediately following you whitening treatment, your teeth are more susceptible to getting yellow stains on your teeth. This is because your teeth have small pores which are opened up by the whitening treatment. In the type of whitening product used at our office avoid foods and drinks that easily stain teeth for at least an hour after each whitening treatment.

Getting your teeth professionally whitened is the best option if you have sensitive teeth. Enamel is an extremely important part of your teeth that should be handled by professionals. With professional teeth whitening, your teeth will only be sensitive one to two days after your treatment. Whereas strips from the drugstore might brighten your teeth but can permanently damage your enamel. Safe teeth whitening should not leave your teeth sensitive for long.

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