Guards, Bite Appliances

Keeping your teeth and mouth safe during
sports, sleep and more.

A child puts a custom fitted mouthguard in his mouth

Downtown Ottawa Sports
Guards & Appliances

Your teeth deserve to be protected from harm — whether that
harm comes in the form of a split-second sports injury or repeated
nighttime grinding and clenching.

At Pretoria Bridge Dental – serving Downtown Ottawa and nearby
areas such as Centretown, The Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Ottawa
East, etc. – we believe in keeping your teeth safe in these
situations with a custom-made guard or appliance.

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Protecting Your Teeth &
Mouth in Sport & Sleep

Sports Guards
If you play contact sports like hockey, rugby, or football,it’s critical
to keep your teeth cushioned from sudden impacts. A custom-
made sports guard can protect your teeth from
chips, or from being knocked out in an accident.

Bite Appliances
If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw while you sleep, you’re
breaking down your teeth over time. This is called “bruxism,” and
can be prevented by wearing a comfortable, custom-made bite appliance while you sleep.

A custom made mouth guard being placed in a case

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