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Keeping your teeth and mouth safe during
sports, sleep and more.

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Guards & Appliances

Your teeth deserve to be protected from harm — whether that
harm comes in the form of a split-second sports injury or repeated
nighttime grinding and clenching.

At Pretoria Bridge Dental – serving Downtown Ottawa and nearby
areas such as Centretown, The Glebe, Old Ottawa South, Ottawa
East, etc. – we believe in keeping your teeth safe in these
situations with a custom-made guard or appliance.

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Protecting Your Teeth &
Mouth in Sport & Sleep

Sports Guards
If you play contact sports like hockey, rugby, or football,it’s critical
to keep your teeth cushioned from sudden impacts. A custom-
made sports guard can protect your teeth from
chips, or from being knocked out in an accident.

Bite Appliances
If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw while you sleep, you’re
breaking down your teeth over time. This is called “bruxism,” and
can be prevented by wearing a comfortable, custom-made bite appliance while you sleep.

A custom made mouth guard being placed in a case


During your visit with your dentist, they will take an impression of your teeth using special material to create a template. Once that has been done, we will send it off to a dental laboratory for the custom mouth guard to be constructed. When we receive the completed mouth guard, we will have you come in to try it out. Minor adjustments will be made to ensure that it fits properly and is comfortable for you to wear.

If you’re interested in a guard or bite appliance for sport or to wear while you’re sleeping, book an appointment with our team today.

There are several reasons to wear a night guard that all contribute to you getting a better night’s sleep. A night guard positions your jaw in a strategic way that allows the surrounding muscles to relax. Wearing a night guard while you sleep also eliminates pressure and pain, prevents you from getting headaches while you sleep, helps prevent snoring and more.

If you experience any of the above symptoms, book an appointment with Pretoria Bridge Dental to get started.

Store-bought or over-the-counter options for spots guards take the approach of “one size fits all”. They may seem like an inexpensive option, however, they do little to actually protect your teeth from serious injury. They are also uncomfortable and can make breathing and talking difficult. A custom mouth guard is made specifically for your mouth, which will provide you with optimal protection and fit more comfortably.

If you’re in need of a sports mouth guard, book an appointment with our downtown Ottawa dental office.

Bacteria and dental plaque will build up on your mouth guard without proper and regular cleaning. Whether you wear a mouth guard when playing sports or for sleeping, rinse the mouth guard after you wear it, preferable with warm water. You’ll also want to brush it gently with a soft brush and mild antibacterial soap. To deep clean the mouth guard you can soak the mouth guard in denture cleaner or a combination of mouthwash and water.

If you have any more questions about mouth guards, get in touch with our dental clinic in Ottawa.

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