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Dental Anxiety

Wondering if sedation dentistry is a service you might benefit from? Dental anxiety is any fear, nervousness, or anxiety associated with dentists or any sort of dental setting. When an individual suffers from dental anxiety, this can prevent or delay them from visiting the dentist for checkups which can lead to more serious health problems later on. If you’re experiencing symptoms of dental anxiety, you may find that going to a dentist that offers sedation dentistry services could be extremely beneficial for your mental (and physical) well-being. This way, your dental experience can be improved, and you can rest easy knowing the overall health of your mouth, teeth, and gums is being monitored by professionals.

If sedation dentistry is something that you think you or a loved one might benefit from, call Pretoria Bridge Dental today! We can either help you book an appointment or answer any questions you may have about the process.

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What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry offers varying levels of sedation and can create a state of short-term amnesia for the patient and allows you to not experience any sort of pain even though you’re still awake. Sedation dentistry can provide you with the proper environment to help you relax if you suffer from any of the following issues:

  • Dental anxiety
  • Overly sensitive gag reflex
  • Overly sensitive teeth
  • Fear of needles
  • Dental surgery is needed
  • A cosmetic procedure is desired
  • Am endodontic procedure is needed

Depending on the particular situation, varying levels and types of dental sedation may be used.

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The Different Types of Sedation in
Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and is administered through a face mask or nosepiece. This gas allows you to feel more relaxed when inhaled and can work as quickly as three to five minutes. With nitrous oxide, the dentist controls the amount of sedation used throughout the appointment or procedure. This is a short-term type of sedation dentistry so you can actually drive yourself home after your treatment!

IV Sedation

This is the deepest form of conscious dental sedation. A sedative medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream through an IV line. Most people who receive this form of sedation have little or no memory of the treatment once they wake up.

General Anesthesia

This is occasionally used under certain circumstances, but would not be used in a dental office setting. These situations occur in a hospital and it’s the only type of sedation when the patient is fully unconscious.

Oral Conscious Sedation

This type of dental sedation is administered in the form of oral medication. It is typically in pill or liquid form and is taken approximately an hour before the appointment so it has time to take effect. This type of dental sedation can make you feel drowsy and you might even fall asleep. This is a longer-lasting method used for sedation dentistry so you will not be able to drive yourself home as you might with laughing gas.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

When performed by experienced dental professionals, sedation dentistry is quite safe. That being said, there is always a risk involved with receiving anesthesia. This risk is greater if the patient is obese, or has obstructive sleep apnea. These patients should consult with their doctor and dentist before having sedation dentistry performed.

Nitrous Oxide or “Laughing Gas” is considered the safest and least invasive form. Although sedation dentistry is very safe for patients, you might still experience a few effects after the treatment. Some of these include lingering drowsiness, dry mouth, nausea, headaches, or bruising from the IV insertion.

Depending on the dental office or situational circumstances, a particular drug can be chosen out of a few different options. Some of the most common drugs used for IV sedation in sedation dentistry include benzodiazepines, opioids, and propofol.

Deep sedation in dentistry refers to the state of being in between consciousness and unconsciousness during a dental procedure. Deep sedation is similar to general anesthesia.

Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure. Failing to comply will result in the surgery being cancelled and you will need to reschedule. It is also important to bring a list of medications and drugs you are taking to the appointment for your dentist to review. If your sedation dentistry appointment is with Pretoria Bridge Dental, we can go over everything you need to know before the treatment.

With oral sedation dentistry, expect to orally ingest medication in the form of a pill or liquid approximately one hour before your procedure or appointment. Once an hour is passed, you might feel drowsy and even fall asleep. This is a longer-lasting method used for sedation dentistry so you will not be able to drive yourself home as you might with laughing gas.

Depending on the type of sedation used, you might recover immediately after your appointment or it could take a day or two. With laughing gas, you will be able to drive yourself home after your appointment. With oral sedation and IV sedation, you will need someone to drive you home. The patient’s natural tolerance to the sedative and metabolism can also play a role.

No. When sedation dentistry is performed properly, you will not feel pain. The staff at Pretoria Bridge Dental dentists are expertly qualified to perform sedation dentistry. Rest assured, you will not feel any pain when we perform the procedure.

Dental sedation will cause you to feel calm, drowsy and tingly. You will experience minor amnesia as well. Within minutes of receiving the sedative, you will experience a full-body euphoria where you will feel no pain and be completely at peace.

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