Invisalign has become a revolutionary orthodontic treatment choice with regard to straightening and aligning your teeth. People now approach teeth straightening differently because of Invisalign because it provides a discrete and pleasant option. Invisalign offers a practical and efficient option via the use of cutting-edge technology and personalized aligners for individuals looking for a beautiful smile without the bother and visibility of traditional braces.

Hence the team at Pretoria Bridge Dental would like you to know how Invisalign works and what to expect during treatment.


The Technology Behind Invisalign

Invisalign tech

Three primary elements make up the Invisalign technology: 3D imaging, custom aligner fabrication, and virtual treatment planning.


3D Imagery

Using a specialized scanner or intraoral camera, the dentist or orthodontist first takes a digital scan of the patient’s teeth. As a result, a very precise 3D digital model of the patient’s teeth is produced, which serves as the foundation for treatment planning.


Custom Aligners Construction

Each patient’s Invisalign aligners are made-to-order, transparent plastic trays. Every set of aligners is created using a 3D computerized model of the patient’s teeth in order to progressively shift the teeth into the appropriate positions. Sophisticated computer algorithms are used to calculate the ideal tooth motions to build a set of aligners that would provide the intended results.


Virtual Treatment Planning

The patient’s treatment plan is virtually created by Invisalign using computer software. Throughout the course of therapy, the dentist or orthodontist may view and model predicted tooth motions thanks to the software. Before the aligners are made, the dental practitioner may properly forecast the result of the treatment using virtual treatment planning and make any required modifications.


The patient can also receive a virtual simulation of how their teeth will change using the Invisalign program, which gives them an idea of what their smile will look like at various treatment phases.


When the treatment strategy is decided upon, the information is forwarded to a specialist Invisalign facility where the custom aligners are made utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing methods. The teeth are gradually moved until the correct alignment is attained while wearing the aligners, which are normally worn for roughly two weeks each. Patients see their dentist or orthodontist on a regular basis to track progress and get new sets of aligners as required.


The Process of Getting Invisalign

Invisalign process

The following steps are commonly involved in the Invisalign procedure:


Initial Consultation

The first step is making an appointment for an initial consultation with a dentist or orthodontist who provides Invisalign treatment. You can discuss your dental issues and goals during this session and decide whether Invisalign is the best course of action for you. To evaluate your oral health, the dentist will inspect your teeth and take X-rays, pictures, or digital scans.


Treatment Planning

Making a personalized treatment plan is the next step if you choose to move forward with Invisalign. The gathered information, including the 3D digital scans, will be used by your dentist or orthodontist to create a precise plan for tooth movement and alignment. Additionally, they’ll be able to demonstrate to you virtually how your teeth will alter and what to anticipate.


Aligner Manufacturing

The dental expert will transmit the information to the Invisalign laboratory after the treatment plan is complete. A set of personalized aligners will be created by qualified experts in accordance with the treatment strategy. Each aligner is made to shift your teeth into the proper locations over time.


Receiving Aligners

You need to visit your dentist or orthodontist to pick up your aligners when they are prepared. They’ll check that the aligners fit correctly and provide you with advice on how to use and maintain them. Additionally, they will go through the timeline for switching to the new aligners.


Placing the Aligners

You must wear your Invisalign aligners for the advised number of hours every day, usually between 20 and 22 hours. Only remove the aligners to eat, drink (other than water), clean your teeth, and floss. It’s crucial to adhere to your dental professional’s advice to get the finest outcomes.


Progress Checkups

You will visit your dentist or orthodontist for routine checkups during the course of therapy. These visits are crucial for keeping track of your development and making sure that the treatment is going according to schedule. If necessary, your dentist may change the aligners or give you new ones.


Completion of Treatment

Your dentist or orthodontist will assess the end results once you have worn every aligner in your series. To perfect the alignment, it could occasionally be necessary to use further refinement aligners. You will proceed to the retention step once the appropriate tooth placements have been attained.


Retention Period

You enter the retention phase once the active therapy is complete in order to preserve the effects. You may be given retainers by your dentist or orthodontist to wear, usually at night, in order to stop your teeth from moving back to their original positions.


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Invisalign has transformed orthodontic treatment by providing patients with the option to develop a straighter and more confident smile with its discrete and comfortable aligners. You can end the restrictions and self-consciousness connected to wearing conventional braces by choosing Invisalign. This cutting-edge procedure has gained popularity among both adults and teens because of its advantages, which include enhanced aesthetics, removable aligners, and predictable results.


Please contact us when you are looking to obtain the smile of your dreams. Pretoria Bridge Dental provides top-notch Invisalign treatment that is customized to meet your specific dental needs. Our highly trained dentists will examine your teeth, talk with you about your objectives, and design an exclusive Invisalign treatment plan for you. You can rely on us to support you through your Invisalign journey with amazing outcomes thanks to our cutting-edge technology and individualized care. Discover the self-assurance and aesthetics that come with having a beautiful set of teeth.