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Periodontics – Taking Care of Your Gums

Periodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on the health and
functionality of the supporting structures of the teeth — your
gums and sinuses. You can’t have teeth without a healthy mouth,
so we believe it’s critical to take proper care of your gums.

If you’re experiencing red or bleeding gums, sore gums, sensitive
teeth, or chronic bad breath, you could be suffering from gingivitis
(inflammation of the gums) or periodontal disease (gum disease).
Gingivitis can be reversed, so seek help early if you suspect
anything is wrong. If you need more information about
Periodontics in Downtown Ottawa, contact us today.

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Scaling & Root Planing,
Gum Grafts & Bone Grafts

Here are some of the periodontic services we offer here at Pretoria Bridge Dental:

  • – Scaling and root planing
  • – Bone grafts
  • – Tooth Extraction
  • – Gum grafting
  • – Ridge/socket preservation
  • – Pocket depth reduction
  • – Ridge augmentation
  • – Flap procedures
  • – Sinus augmentation
  • – Crown lengthening

It’s important to brush twice a day – and floss once a day – in order to keep your gums healthy, as well as come in for dental exams at a regular time interval that the dentist will custom tailor to you (after your dental health has been evaluated, as this is different for each patient).

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