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Brushing and flossing every day are critical to having a healthy smile, but it’s just as important to schedule dental exams at a regular interval. As each patient is different, your dentist will evaluate your oral health and custom tailor a schedule specific to your needs.

What to expect at a dental cleaning appointment?

A physical exam is carried out to check for gingivitis, inflammation, tenderness, bleeding or any other potential concerns. A scaler is used to remove plaque and tartar that may have accumulated on the teeth around the gums. The more build-up there is, the longer it takes to remove.

A high-powered electric brush is used to together with a gritty textured toothpaste to gently polish the teeth. This will remove left over plaque and tartar that might have been missed during scaling. Expert flossing and Rinsing is done to remove any leftover plaque, debris or paste from previous processes. A fluoride treatment is applied as part of a cleaning process to strengthen enamel and protect your teeth from cavities.

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During these visits, we’re able to talk to you about your ongoing preventative care, as well as check for any potential issues. One of our dental hygienists will scale and polish your teeth and provide a fluoride treatment.

Depending on the results of physical exams and x-rays, additional steps might be taken . Regular dental cleaning is strongly recommended to prevent dental problems. Gum diseases can often be the main cause of tooth loss and other health issues,  and preventive dentistry can help you protect your health.

Other advantages of tooth cleaning include prevention of cold sensitivity, bad breath, dental pockets, bone loss, gum diseases, gum infections, cavities, gum recession, etc.

We’ll take new X-rays to keep an eye on the placement of your teeth and do an oral cancer screening by checking for lumps and lesions.

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Generally speaking, it is recommended to visit the dental clinic every six months for a dental cleaning. Patients who require deeper cleaning due to excessive buildup of plaque and tartar, or have been diagnosed with periodontal disease will be recommended to have their teeth cleaned as frequently as once every three months.

You will notice that your teeth appear to be a little whiter after a dental cleaning than they were beforehand. Tartar has a yellow tint to it, and when it is removed, that colour won’t be as prominent in your smile. Cleaning will also remove surface stains from your teeth which will also give it a whiter appearance. Deep stains and discolouration are the only things that can’t be removed through dental cleaning. For that, we have teeth whitening treatments that are very effective.

Once the hygienist has finished the cleaning treatment, your dentist will perform a final examination of your mouth. They will check for gum disease, confirm the presence of any cavities, check for issues with teeth grinding or jaw clenching, and check the alignment of your teeth. If you have x-rays taken, your dentist will review them and address any concerns that they find and recommend follow-up treatments.

This depends on if, and what type of fluoride application was completed. The dental hygienist will be able to give you the proper instructions.

Regardless of whether you received a flouride treatment or not, you should avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks like sodas, citrus fruits, tomatoes or red wine, as well as spicy or heavily seasoned foods for at least 24 hours. These foods and drinks can cause some irritation and discomfort in a freshly cleaned mouth.

A regular dental cleaning will remove teeth stains and polish your teeth. A deep cleaning will do this as well, but also include the removal of tartar and plaque through a process called scaling. This deep cleaning is necessary for removing bacteria colonies on your teeth and under your gum line.

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