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Treating TMJ in Our
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Temporomandibular joint disfunction (often known as “TMD” or “TMJD”) refers to trouble with your jaw muscle and the joints that connect it to your skull.

If you’re suffering from frequent headaches and jaw pain, or if your jaw clicks, you may have TMJ issues.

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Finding the Cause, Planning
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At Pretoria Bridge Dental, we work with patients to determine the cause of their TMJ pain and discomfort. By assessing the state of your jaw and its relation to your skull, we’re able to make a diagnosis and outline potential treatment options — including pain-relieving appliances, orthodontics and restorative procedures to rebuild flat teeth.

For more information about TMJ in Downtown Ottawa or nearby areas (such as The Glebe, Sandy Hill, Ottawa East, Old Ottawa South, etc.), contact us today.

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